Face Protection

Download our leaflet to the view the current range of Face Protection including goggles and visors. Please review manufacturers data sheets for the specifications to see if the item meets your requirements. 

Bolle RELPSI Flip-Up
Face Shield & Clear Lens

• Polypropylene
• Adjustable Headband
• 19cm X 29cm Flip-Up Face Shield
• Frame Marking EN166 3 8 B CE
• Lens Marking 1 F CE EN170

Users will be thrilled by the lightness (200g) and design of this flip front protector. Technology approved for permanent wear and certified with perfect optical quality with platinum lite coating (anti scratch & anti fog on both sides). 99.9% UVA/UVB protection.

Infield UltraVisor

• All Round Vision Visor - Code 9507155C
• Code–housing : EN 166 3 9 B
• 1 B N CE
• Face visor: 1mm thick Polycarbonate
• UV protection: 100%

Smooth-hinged face-protection visor with perfect all-round vision with complete coverage of the face. Comfortable to wear due to its low weight (approx 341g). Strong, sweat-absorbing towelling head strap. Anti fog, anti static lens coating.

ORDER CODE: 9507155C

Infield Gondor A/S A/F Goggles

• Full View Safety Goggles - Code 9550165
• Lens material: Polycarbonate
• UV protection: 100%
• Frame Marking GA 166 BT 3 4 9 CE
• Lens Marking 2C - 1,2 GA 1 BT 9 N CE

Ideal for a very wide range of applications (liquids, dust, molten metal.).
Weighing 135g with a tight wraparound seal, indirect ventilation system lens fogging and a wide flexible textile strap to ensure a firm fit. Item can be used with a prescription lens insert using the RX-Clip (available separately)


Bolle RUSHPPSI Rush+ Clear Lens
A/S A/F Safety Specs

• Upper Protection
• Non-Slip Adjustable Bridge
• Frame Marking EN166 FT CE
• Lens Marking 2C-1,2 1 FT KN CE

RUSH+ has a sporty design with ultra-flexible, co-injected temples and weighing just 27g. The bridge is designed to adapt to the nose so the frame sits perfectly on the face and the Platinum® coating is applied on both surfaces makes them highly scratch-resistant (1.4 cd/m²) and giving them high resistance to the most aggressive chemicals and slowing the appearance of fogging.