Autoclave Gloves & Gauntlets

Working with high temperature processes requires total and sophisticated protection to ensure that the risk of burns to the hands and arms is eliminated.

Offering Category III protection, this glove can withstand heat contact of 250°C for 13 seconds without any harm to the user and for 40 seconds at 100°C – enough handling time for most practices.

Scilabub Autoclave gloves and gauntlets offer cost effective protection from burns and are supplied to a growing number of hospitals and NHS trusts. They are hard wearing, autoclavable & unaffected by washing.

Scilabub's Autoclave range is available in a  glove or gauntlet version in small, medium, large and extra large sizes.

Manufactured to European standard EN407, EN388 and EN ISO 21420:2020 and UKCA/CE certified.