Nomex Gloves & Gauntlets

Scilabub's range of Nomex gloves & gauntlets are designed to offer highly effective protection against high temperatures yet still provide comfort, dexterity and outstanding durability.  The material used in the construction of our gloves is Nomex®, an aromatic polyamide whose outstanding features led to its use in astronauts suits. In fact Scilabub's gloves are very similar to those in regular use by Grand Prix drivers. They are autoclavable and unaffected by washing.

Offering Category III protection, this glove can withstand heat contact of 250°C for 13 seconds without any harm to the user and for 40 seconds at 100°C – enough handling time for most practices.

Our Nomex range are available as gloves and gauntlets in small, medium, large and extra large sizes.

Manufactured to European standard EN407, EN388 and EN ISO 21420:2020 and UKCA/CE certified.